Get a case management order without notice

Provincial Court


A judge decides the outcome by reading your application – you don't speak to the judge, and they won’t be able to ask you questions. Make sure you give the judge all the information on the form.

Updated on 17 May 2021

Fill out Form 11

You'll need:

Fill out the Application. Tick from the list what orders you want.

Fill out the Schedules you need to get these orders. Read the instructions carefully. Give the court as much information as you can.


  • Fill out the form as thoroughly and accurately as possible.
  • Explain why you don't want to give notice.
  • Mention any risk factors if you don't get your order.
Updated on 17 May 2021

Make copies

You'll need:

  • your completed Application for Case Management Order Without Notice or Attendance (Form 11)
  • your completed Schedules of Form 11

If you fill out the forms online, you can print all the copies you need. If you download the forms and fill them out by hand, you'll have to make photocopies of everything.

Make 2 sets of the documents you've prepared

  • The original forms (with any attachments) for the court
  • A set for you
Updated on 17 May 2021

File the form

You'll need

  • all the sets of copies of your documents

Take the documents to the registry where your matter is being heard and give them to the clerk. The registry clerk keeps one set of the documents for the court file copy. They stamp the other copy and give the documents back to you.

If the registry clerk won't accept your documents, find out why and get legal help.

Updated on 17 May 2021

Wait for the judge's decision

Wait to hear back from the registry about the judge’s decision.

You've now completed all the steps to get case management orders without notice. Thank you for using our step-by-step guide.

Updated on 17 May 2021