Legal forms & documents

Forms and documents can be confusing. Many forms have strict rules about:

  • how and when you need to fill them out,
  • what they need to include, and
  • what to do with them when you're done.

Here are some resources to help you with some of the most commonly used forms and documents in BC family law cases.

Agreements and affidavits


Everything you need to know about how to write or change an agreement, and when and how to file it with the court. Also, find help if you and the other person need help reaching an agreement, or if one of you isn't following it.


Find out what affidavits are used for, what you need to include, and how to swear an affidavit so you can use it in your case.

Help with court forms

Find a court form

Links to all the downloadable court and pension forms referenced on the site.

Filling out court forms

Tips and where to find help if you need to figure out the more complicated court forms.

What to do with completed documents

Serving documents

Step-by-step guides for how to serve Provincial or Supreme court documents on the other person in your case. Also includes how to arrange for alternative service if you can't reach the other person.