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Here you'll find lists of all the blank court forms and sample completed forms linked to on this site. All the Supreme Court, Provincial Court, or pension forms are also linked in the step-by-step guides wherever you need them. After you've filled out the form, you can follow the instructions in the step-by-step guides to find out what to do with them.

Choose Supreme, Provincial, or Pension for a list of forms of that type.

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Having problems with the forms?

If you can't find the form you want, you can find the PDF forms linked to from this site on Courthouse Services:

Some of the Supreme Court and Provincial Court forms are available in Word document format and as example filled-in forms on the JP Boyd on Family Law Wikibook.

Some of the PDF forms might not open in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or other browsers. If the form won't load properly, save the PDF file (right click and choose "Save target as" or "Save link as"), and open it using Acrobat Reader on your computer.

If you aren't able to access a PDF, you can usually pick up printed copies of the forms from your local court registry.

If the form you want doesn't download automatically, try this:

  • Right-click the link
  • Choose "Copy link address" from the pop-up menu
  • Paste the link into your browser's address bar
  • Press Enter

The form should then download. 

There are example filled-out forms available for some forms on JP Boyd on Family Law:

If you need help, see Where to get help filling out court forms.

For help writing an affidavit or court order, see How do you write an affidavit? and Tips for writing Supreme Court orders.

Online Divorce Assistant

If you're applying for a joint divorce, the provincial government offers a free Online Divorce Assistant that helps you fill out all the forms you need. Use this tool if you or your spouse live in BC, and your marriage certificate is in English.

The following forms are somewhat complicated:

  • Counterclaim (F5)
  • Final Order (F52)
  • Notice of Application (F31)
  • Notice of Family Claim (F3)
  • Notice of Joint Family Claim (F1)
  • Response to Counterclaim (F6)
  • Response to Family Claim (F4)

For more instructions and answers to common questions about these forms, you can:

If you think you need in-person help, see I need help filling out a form above.

When you first open certain Supreme Court forms, only part of the form appears. You have to fill out the first part then generate the rest. These generated forms include:

  • Affidavit — Desk Order Divorce (F38)
  • Child Support Affidavit (F37)
  • Final Order (F52)
  • Order to Waive Fees (F85)
  • Protection Order (F54)

To generate the forms, follow these instructions:

  1. Fill out the first part then click Generate Form. The rest of the form will appear. What sections it contains depends on what you filled out in the first part.
  2. Fill out the rest and click "This form is complete and ready for submission."
  3. Click "Save Form" if you want to save the form as a PDF or "Click here to PRINT Form" to print.