Where to go

If you've tried to resolve your family law problem but need some help, some of the services below may help you work out an agreement or apply for court orders. Use these links to find the best service to meet your needs.

Help from a lawyer

Unbundled legal services

Find a lawyer who you can pay to take part of your case while you handle the rest yourself

Collaborative family lawyers

Specially trained lawyers who work in teams with separating spouses

Family advice lawyers

Lawyers paid by Legal Aid to provide brief legal advice services

Family duty counsel (family lawyers)

Lawyers at the courthouses paid by Legal Aid to help people with low incomes deal with family law problems

Free (pro bono) legal clinics

Free legal advice clinics for people who can't afford a lawyer but can't get legal aid

Rise Women's Legal Centre

Community legal centre serving all individuals who self-identify as women

Emergency services

Transition houses

Temporary housing for women and children leaving abusive situations



People trained to resolve disputes by listening to each party and then making a decision that is legally binding

Family justice counsellors

Family Justice Centre staff specially trained to help people find solutions to family law problems (they are accredited mediators)


People specially trained to help couples work together to resolve conflicts


Child and Youth Legal Centre 

Organization that provides free legal help to young people for problems related to family law, child protection, and many other legal issues.

Child support officers

Attorney General staff who help parents with child support matters

Parenting Coordinators

People trained to help you and your spouse sort out your parenting issues

Parents Legal Centre

Support for resolving child protection matters out of court

Indigenous people

Indigenous community legal workers

Legal Aid BC staff in Duncan and Nanaimo who provide legal information and some legal advice

Native courtworkers — Family/Youth advocates

People who help Aboriginal families go through the family court process

Other legal help

AC Friends of Court

In Vancouver, volunteers help people prepare family law forms for free.

Community partners

Service providers throughout BC who provide legal information and referrals to services such as legal aid

Justice Access Centre (Abbotsford, Nanaimo, Surrey, Vancouver, and Victoria)

Government-funded offices that provide family and civil law information, advice, and services

Legal aid navigators

Legal Aid BC staff who help guide clients through the legal aid process