Legal help

Sometimes things aren't straightforward and you need help from someone with the right experience and qualifications. That help might come from:

  • a lawyer,
  • an advocate, or
  • an organization.

Legal advice and legal aid

All about independent legal advice, legal aid, and how to find help from a lawyer.

Working with a lawyer

How to prepare for your meeting with a lawyer and make the most of your time together.

Support and advocacy

You might be able to get help from an advocate or the Representative for Children and Youth.

What's the difference between a lawyer and an advocate?

lawyer (sometimes called a "counsellor") is someone who works in the field of law. They're paid to provide expert advice that's specific to your situation, and to represent you in conferences and meetings if they need to. Someone who is not a lawyer and doesn't know about your situation can't give you legal advice.

An advocate is someone who has knowledge about and experience working in certain areas. An advocate can

  • support you,
  • explain rules and processes to you, and
  • work with you to try to get the best outcome. 

An advocate can't give you legal advice or representation.