Legal advice and legal aid

Legal issues are stressful, and sometimes it's tempting to agree to certain things just to make the process faster and easier. But it's very important that you get legal advice before you make decisions that will affect your and your family's future. Getting legal help now could save you from more stress in the future.

Learn more about legal advice, legal aid, and where to find low-cost legal services.

What is independent legal advice?

Independent legal advice is advice from a lawyer who is employed to represent only you and your best interests. It's important to get independent advice before you sign a separation agreement to make sure your rights and responsibilities are protected.

What is legal aid?

Legal aid is free legal help for people with low incomes who are facing certain legal issues. Find out what issues are covered and if you qualify for legal aid.

Tips about getting legal help

Find out other ways you can get legal help if you don't qualify for legal aid.

Where can you get help with your other (non-family) legal problems?

Find out how to get help if you have other legal issues that aren't family law. This might include criminal, accident and medical, housing, and debt issues.