Getting help from an advocate

An advocate has knowledge about and experience working in certain areas (for example, child protection, family law, disability benefits, or housing).

They can help you understand information about:

  • your rights and options
  • court process and rules
  • procedures and investigations

Here are some of the things they can do:

  • Help you find a lawyer and work well with them
  • Go to meetings with your social worker or employment assistance worker and help you:
    • talk with the worker, and
    • stand up for your rights and challenge the worker if necessary
  • Negotiate for you with government agencies and help you appeal decisions
  • Help you write an agreement with government agencies
  • Go to court with you

Look for one who knows about and is trained in the area where you need help.

Where can you find an advocate?

Advocates usually work out of community agencies. Ask for a referral at one of these organizations in your area:

Here are some other ways to find an advocate:

  • See the list of advocates on the PovNet website
  • If you know someone who's used an advocate, ask for the name of their advocate
  • Search online by typing "advocates" plus the name of your city into a search engine
Updated on 28 January 2022