Where can you get help with filling out court forms?

Provincial Court
Supreme Court

There are several people and organizations that can help you if:

  • you need help with filling out court forms for a family law case, and
  • you can't afford a lawyer.

Give them all the information you need for the forms and then they'll:

  • sit with you while you fill out your forms, or
  • let you fill out your own forms and then check them to make sure everything's correct.

Here's a list of who can help you:

You can also get help from:

Some lawyers now offer unbundled legal services, which means you can pay them to help you with part of your family law problem, and you handle the rest of your case yourself.

To learn more about this, see the People's Law School website Unbundled Legal Services. To find a lawyer offering unbundled services, see the directory of lawyers.

Updated on 4 June 2024