File your agreement in Provincial Court

Provincial Court

Before you can apply to enforce or set aside (cancel) your agreement, it needs to be filed with the court. Either you or the other person can file it.

Filing an agreement is very straightforward:

  1. Make a copy of your signed agreement.
  2. Take the copy of the agreement to the Family Court Registry located at the courthouse.
File the agreement at the court registry. You might find it convenient to file it at the registry closest to where the children normally live or, if there are no children, to where you live. See BC Provincial Court Locations and Hours for a map and list of BC Provincial Court addresses.
  1. A clerk at the registry will check your agreement, stamp it with the court seal, and put it into a file for your case.

You can take steps now to enforce or set aside your agreement, or just leave the agreement in the court file and wait until later.