Change an order or set aside an agreement in Provincial Court

Provincial Court provides free conflict resolution services to help families to try to sort out their differences without going to court. In certain registries, you have to use those services before you can apply for a court order. In other registries, you can choose to use these services but you don’t have to. 

Families who can reach an agreement without going to court usually get better results than they would get from a judge. Coming to an agreement is also less expensive and less stressful than going to court for orders.  

These guides can help you to change: 

  • a final order, or 
  • a separation agreement

If you can agree about the change 

Get a family order in Provincial Court if you both agree

Step-by-step guide for getting a Consent Order if you and the other person in your case agree on what you want your changed order to say. The process is much easier if you can agree. 

To change your existing separation agreement when you both agree about the changes, you can just make a new separation agreement instead of getting orders.

If you can’t agree about the change  

Change a final order or set aside an agreement in Provincial Court if you can’t agree 

Step-by-step guide for how change a final order or set aside all or part of an existing agreement and replace it with a court order if you and the other person can’t agree.