What is the Online Divorce Assistant?

If you and your spouse both want to get divorced, you can apply for a joint divorce.

The Online Divorce Assistant (the assistant) can help you fill out the forms for a joint divorce. It's a free online tool from the provincial government.

You can use it if:

  • you or your spouse live in BC, and
  • your marriage certificate (or registration of marriage) is in English.

You have to answer a few questions first to see if you can use the assistant. If you qualify, you:

  1. answer questions about your situation (the assistant uses your answers to fill out the forms),
  2. print your forms, and
  3. file them at your local court registry.

Using the assistant can save you time and reduce the stress of applying for a divorce.

You'll need to create a Basic BCeID account to use the assistant. This is free, and allows you to use all participating BC government online services.

Updated on 26 March 2024