Getting a divorce

If you're married, the only way to end your marriage is by getting a divorce order from a judge.

You don't always have to go to court. If you have court orders or write a separation agreement, you can do your own divorce by filling out the forms and filing them at the court registry.

Supreme Court forms can be intimidating, but we have step-by-step guides to help you through them.

Getting started

About divorce

Divorce is the legal procedure for ending a marriage. Learn more about the types of divorce, and how to get help.

Getting a copy of your marriage certificate

You need a copy of your marriage certificate to get a divorce. How to get a copy of your marriage certificate if you were married in BC, in another province, or in another country.

Do your own divorce

A former couple gets divorced without lawyers or having to appear in court in our illustrated short story, Do your own divorce

Illustration to introduce story

Staying out of court

Do your own uncontested divorce

Step-by-step guide to doing your own divorce without going to court. You can apply for divorce by yourself as a sole applicant, or with your spouse on a joint application.

What is the Online Divorce Assistant?

This free tool from the BC government helps you fill out all the forms you need for your joint uncontested divorce. Use this tool if you or your spouse live in BC, and your marriage certificate is in English.

Try the Online Divorce Assistant.

Making mediation happen in Supreme Court

If you already have an open case in Supreme Court, you can request that you and your spouse work with a mediator to try to resolve your issues before your trial.

When another province or country is involved

Getting a divorce if your home country doesn't recognize your marriage

If your same-sex marriage isn't recognized in your home country and you can't get a divorce there, you might be able to apply for a divorce in BC as a non-resident.

Marriages, divorces, and annulments inside and outside Canada

Answers some commonly asked questions about how moving from country to country can affect your marital status in BC and abroad.