Do your own uncontested divorce

Do your own divorce

A former couple gets divorced without lawyers or having to appear in court, in our short illustrated story Do your own divorce.

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Divorce is the legal procedure for ending a marriage. In British Columbia, you get a divorce by getting a divorce order from a judge at the Supreme Court of BC.

You can get a divorce without appearing in court. You need to fill out several forms, file them with the court, pay the filing fees, and wait for your application to be processed. Your divorce order can be final in three or four months, and can cost less than $500.

About these guides

These step-by-step guides can help you do your own divorce. The process should be straightforward if:

  • you and the other person have settled all your separation issues,
  • your paperwork is in order, and
  • you can show that you've made reasonable arrangements for parenting and child support.

Either guide will explain how to fill out the required forms and file them at the registry. If you have an agreement or court orders in place, you won't have to see a judge or go to court to ask for your divorce.

It's very difficult to get a divorce without settling your issues in an agreement or orders first.

Sole application or joint application?

Both guides include:

  • step-by-step instructions for how to apply for an uncontested divorce in BC, and
  • links to blank forms you'll need.

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Sole application

I want to apply for divorce on my own. I'll complete and file the forms myself, and serve them on my spouse. My spouse won't contest my application.

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Joint application

My spouse and I agree about our separation issues and want to apply for divorce together. We'll both fill out and sign the forms and one or both of us will file them at the registry.

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