Protecting yourself & your family

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If you’re afraid your abuser might see what you’re reading online, remember to clear your Internet browsing history or switch to a private or incognito browser

Focus on safety

A couple discusses how a neighbour needs to make a safety plan before she leaves her abusive partner in our illustrated story Focus on safety.

Illustration to introduce story

You can get an order from the court to protect yourself and your family from abuse and family violence.

If you've experienced family violence or if you think there's a risk of violence, you can ask the police to help you get protection with a peace bond, or you can apply to court for a family law protection order. A protection order can only be taken against a member of your family. A peace bond can be taken out against anyone, including someone you might have only dated briefly.

If you're not sure about what is considered abuse or violence, see What is abuse?

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Family law protection orders

Explains what a family law protection order is, how to apply for one, and what happens once the protection order is in place.

Criminal or family law orders for protection

Describes the different kinds of protection available from criminal law and family law and how to get the most protection possible for you and your family.

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Apply for a family law protection order without notice (Provincial Court)

Step-by-step guide for how to apply for a court order to protect yourself from a family member.