Is it abuse?

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If you’re afraid your abuser may see what you’re reading online, remember to clear your Internet browsing history or switch to a private or incognito browser.

Abusive or violent behaviour can range from threats and intimidation to physical force or sexual assault.

Abuse doesn't have to be physical. It also includes harmful financial, emotional, psychological, and verbal actions. For example, an abuser might try to control or manipulate their partner or family.

Abuse is never okay and many types are illegal.

What is abuse?

Gives examples of relationship abuse (family violence) that are physical, emotional or verbal, psychological, sexual, and financial; find out about the types of abuse that are crimes and where to get legal and other help.

If your spouse is harassing you through the courts

Explains the kinds of behaviour involved in court-related abuse and harassment. Learn what you can do about it and what the court can do.