Family Maintenance Enforcement Program

Provincial Court

The BC Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) helps people to get their child or spousal support payments that are included in court orders and agreements. It's a free service.

Payors and recipients can both enroll.

If the payor falls behind with their payments, FMEP can: 

You can enroll in FMEP if you have a support order or agreement made in Canada, the United States, or another country that has a reciprocal agreement with BC.

FMEP can help collect or track support orders or agreements even when the payor or the recipient lives outside BC if they live somewhere that has a reciprocal agreement with BC. See Interjurisdictional orders: When a case involves more than one province, territory, or country to find out more about this.

See Interjurisdictional Support Orders (ISO) on the Ministry of Attorney General website for a full list of countries that have reciprocal agreements with BC.

See the FMEP website to find out more or to enrol.
A child’s right to support

Marie learns that her son is entitled to financial support from his father in our story A child's right to support.

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Updated on 31 March 2022