Property & debt

When you separate or divorce, it's expected that you and your ex-spouse will divide all family property and family debt equally between you. This includes anything you got while you were together, but not before or after.

You can make different arrangements to divide your property and debt if you both agree to it. But it can be difficult to do fairly without legal help.

Property can include things you might not expect, so get advice from a lawyer before you finalize your arrangements.

Dividing property and debts

Learn about what's considered property and debt, and which things you're expected to share with the other person when you separate or divorce.

Dividing pensions and other benefits

Property can also include certain types of income. Find out all you need to know about dividing pensions and benefits.

Dealing with debts

Debt taken on while you're together should be split between you. Find out the rules for sharing your family debt.

Protecting yourself financially after you separate

Find out ways you can protect your finances and your share of the family property after you separate from your spouse.