Which court to go to?

Leila explains how she and her ex decided which court to take their family issues to.

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If you find yourself in this position, you can get help from these resources:

Do you need to go to Provincial (Family) Court or Supreme Court?
The difference between Provincial and Supreme Court for family law issues and when you might use each court.



Panel 1: Two female friends in a kitchen. One woman holds up multi-coloured paper samples, Leila sits at table
Friend: How do they expect me to choose a tile colour from these silly little chips?

Panel 2: Leila looking at a paper sample
Leila: No kidding! It seems harder than choosing which family court to go to, like I just did!

Panel 3:
Friend: What do you mean “choosing”? There’s more than one court?

Panel 4: Women lean against counter, talking
Leila: Yes, sometimes you can choose between going to Provincial Court or Supreme Court. A lot of family issues like mine can go to either.

Panel 5:
Friend: I thought the Supreme Court was in Ottawa?
Leila: Yes, but that one is a totally different type of court. Here in BC, we have the Supreme Court of BC.

Panel 6: Friend covering one eye, looking at several paper samples
Friend: So why not just go to Supreme Court then? It just sounds like the best one!

Panel 7: Friend sitting on kitchen counter. Leila leaning against it.
Leila: But it’s expensive and complicated. It’s often better to do what you can in Provincial and go to Supreme if or when you have to.

Panel 8: Close-up of Leila
Leila: That’s what my ex and I decided – we’ll get our parenting issues sorted in Provincial and then go to Supreme for the divorce.

Panel 9: Friend, arms raised. Leila looks confused.
Friend: Mustard!
Leila: Mustard?!

Panel 10: Both women laughing
Friend: It’s the perfect colour to match the wood!