There’s a guide for that!

Buck learns about online help for responding to a family court form.



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If you find yourself in this position, you can get help from these resources:

I've been served with a court form
These guides show you step-by-step how to make or respond to a court application.



Panel 1: Buck on the phone with Dakota
Buck: Dakota, you’ve got to help! I got this legal-looking paper in the mail and I don’t know what to do!

Panel 2: Dakota on phone
Dakota: Whoa, hold you horses! What paper? What’s it called?

Panel 3: Buck on the phone, reading the legal document
Buck: An F31! What does the F stand for? Or maybe it’s a 10-6-3, I can’t tell! Then a bunch of crazy legal gobbledygook.

Panel 4: 
Dakota: I’ll come over. I think I know a website that can sort it out.

Panel 5: Shot of the outside of Buck’s car shop “Buckaroo’s Auto.” Later that day…
Dakota:  Yep, it looks like Trish has started something legal.

Panel 6: Buck is working underneath a car, Dakota leaning against it while reading the document
Buck: I kind of expected that – but now it’s the real deal and I can’t afford a lawyer. What’s next?

Panel 7: Close-up of Buck beneath the car near Dakota’s boots
Dakota: Let’s go on that website. They show you what to do when you get forms like this in the mail. And for lots of other situations.

Panel 8: Dakota sitting on a stool with a laptop
Dakota: Here it is – F stands for family form and F31 is a Notice of Application. I think yours means your ex wants a court order about the kids.

Panel 9: Buck and Dakota looking at the website together
Dakota: And, here’s their step-by-step guide for what to do – how to “respond!"

Panel 10:
Buck: To the F31?
Dakota: Yeah!

Panel 11:
Dakota: I guess now F stands for "Find the next step"! You’re back in the saddle!

Panel 12: Buck and Dakota high-five
Buck: You’re awesome! I think F stands for "Friend".