Can I move my family?

A mother learns how and why she can move with her son to another city.

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If you find yourself in this position, you can get help from these resources:

Can you move — with or without your child?
Describes what a parent or guardian must do before moving with their children, and what happens if the other parent/guardian doesn't agree.


Panel 1: A woman, who is Joey's Mum, greets Ava at the door
Mum: Thanks for coming over, Ava. I’m lucky to have a friend who’s a paralegal.
Ava: No worries. And congrats on the awesome new job!

Panel 2: Women sitting on couch
Mum: Thanks, but it’s the move to Vancouver with Joey that I’m really worried about. Can Lou stop us?

Panel 3: Women talking on couch, Joey drumming on kitchen pots on the floor
Ava: Not if you do everything properly. And we know it will be so much better for Joey.

Panel 4: 
Mum: Yes, he’ll have a great school there – better classroom support and he can finally play the drums in a real band program.

Panel 5: Joey drumming on vase
Mum: But what do you mean about doing everything properly?

Panel 6:
Ava: You’ve got a parenting order, so you must tell Lou in writing 60 days before the move. It’s fair – it impacts their relationship.

Panel 7:  
Mum:  And what if Lou objects?
Ava: You have to try hard to work out an agreement. But if he goes to court, the judge looks at certain things.

Panel 8:
Mum:  Like what?
Ava: Like if you have a good reason to move and how the move will improve Joey’s quality of life.

Panel 9: Joey drumming on a book that his mum is holding up for him
Mum: Well, besides the better school, I’ll finally have a job. And they can still see each other because Lou’s in the city once a week.

Panel 10:  
Ava: The judge will like that. And Lou doesn’t have equal parenting time, so it’s really on him to show it’s not in Joey’s best interests to move.

Panel 11: Women chatting, Joey still drumming
Ava: Basically the judge wants to know you’re making the move in good faith.
Mum: Well, of course it’s with good faith!

Panel 12: Both women smiling, but covering their ears from Joey’s drumming
Mum: Not sure if it’s with good hearing though!
Ava: Maybe he’ll take up something quieter in Vancouver – like the tuba!