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Court forms

A list of all the court forms linked to on the site. Search by Provincial Court forms, Supreme Court forms, or pension forms, and sort the results by name or form number.


A list of commonly used family law terms and their definitions.

Where to go

Find an office or organization to recommend to your clients.

Who to call

Phone numbers for organizations that can help people with family law issues.

Our other sites

Legal Aid BC

Family Law in BC is a site by Legal Aid BC. Visit Legal Aid BC to apply for legal aid, or learn more about the issues legal aid can help with.

Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC

Information and resources to help Aboriginal people with different legal issues. This site can help Aboriginal people understand their legal rights and connect them with other people who can help.


MyLawBC has guided pathways to help people get an action plan on different issues, including how to:

  • plan for your future care,
  • deal with foreclosure,
  • make a safety plan, and
  • respond if you're served.

MyLawBC also has a free online service to help people settle their separation issues without going to court:

  • The Family Resolution Centre, where parents can work together to create parenting and child support arrangements for their child, and get a free professional family law mediator to help settle any issues they don't agree on.