Talking it through

Clare hears how a mediator can help her and her ex settle their issues.

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If you find yourself in this position, you can get help from these resources:

Describes how to work with a mediator and links to resources.

Describes what mediators do and how to find one.


Talking it through

Panel 1: Outdoors, man with small dog, Clare sitting on bench, woman standing
Clare: I can’t stand it! We’re not getting anywhere!
Female friend: What do you mean?

Panel 2:  
Clare:  Ross won’t talk details – he just keeps going on and on about me dating again. We need to sort out how often he’ll see the kids.

Panel 3:  Man holding dog
Male friend:  If you can’t even talk about that, how are you going to bring up selling the condo?

Panel 4:
Female friend: Have you heard about mediation, Clare?

Panel 5:
Clare: Maybe on the news, somethings unions and companies do?

Panel 6:  Yeah, you’re right, but couples who are separating can do it, too. It’s a way to stay out of court.
Clare: How does it work?

Panel 7:  All three characters sitting on bench, woman showing other two something on phone
Female friend: There are different types – you don’t even have to be in the same room. The mediator keeps you on track, helps you both stay calm.

Panel 8:
Male friend: So basically, you work with someone who is trained to keep the conversation going?
Clare: Or get it started in my case!
Female friend: Exactly!

Panel 9:
Clare: Is it expensive?
Female friend: It's way cheaper than going to court! And sometimes people can qualify for free mediation.

Panel 10: The three characters walking side-by-side on a path
Male friend:  But does the mediator tell you what to do?
Female friend: No, they help you reach your own solutions.

Panel 11:
Female friend: Mediators don’t take sides. If all goes well, you make a document called an agreement. And it’s legal. You don’t even go to court.

Panel 12:

Clare: I need a mediator!
Male friend: They sound great. Maybe I can get one too!
Female friend: Hey, wait a minute, you’re single!