Talking it through

Clare hears how a mediator can help her and her ex settle their issues.

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If you find yourself in this position, you can get help from these resources:

Describes how to work with a mediator and links to resources.

Describes what mediators do and how to find one.

All About Mediation
An infographic poster that explains mediation, why you might want it to use it to solve your differences instead of going to court, and where to find a mediator

Family Resolution Centre
If you have children and you're going through a separation or divorce, you can use MyLawBC's Family Resolution Centre to create parenting and child support arrangements that are in the best interests of your child. When you use the Family Resolution Centre, you can ask for help from a professional mediator, fully qualified under the BC Family Law Act. There's no cost to you or the other parent for using this service.


Talking it through

Panel 1: Outdoors, man with small dog, Clare sitting on bench, woman standing
Clare: I can’t stand it! We’re not getting anywhere!
Female friend: What do you mean?

Panel 2:  
Clare:  Ross won’t talk details – he just keeps going on and on about me dating again. We need to sort out how often he’ll see the kids.

Panel 3:  Man holding dog
Male friend:  If you can’t even talk about that, how are you going to bring up selling the condo?

Panel 4:
Female friend: Have you heard about mediation, Clare?

Panel 5:
Clare: Maybe on the news, somethings unions and companies do?

Panel 6:  Yeah, you’re right, but couples who are separating can do it, too. It’s a way to stay out of court.
Clare: How does it work?

Panel 7:  All three characters sitting on bench, woman showing other two something on phone
Female friend: There are different types – you don’t even have to be in the same room. The mediator keeps you on track, helps you both stay calm.

Panel 8:
Male friend: So basically, you work with someone who is trained to keep the conversation going?
Clare: Or get it started in my case!
Female friend: Exactly!

Panel 9:
Clare: Is it expensive?
Female friend: It's way cheaper than going to court! And sometimes people can qualify for free mediation.

Panel 10: The three characters walking side-by-side on a path
Male friend:  But does the mediator tell you what to do?
Female friend: No, they help you reach your own solutions.

Panel 11:
Female friend: Mediators don’t take sides. If all goes well, you make a document called an agreement. And it’s legal. You don’t even go to court.

Panel 12:

Clare: I need a mediator!
Male friend: They sound great. Maybe I can get one too!
Female friend: Hey, wait a minute, you’re single!