Spousal support

Lori’s friend explains that she could get money from her ex while she gets back on her feet.

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If you find yourself in this position, you can get help from these resources:

Spousal support
Information about spousal support, the laws and guidelines, and explains disclosing financial information. Also talks about enforcing or changing a spousal support agreement or order.

Living Together or Living Apart
Explains the basics of family law in BC, separation and divorce, and how to work out child and spousal support

BC Family Maintenance Agency
If you've fallen behind in support payments and BCFMA has advised ICBC not to issue or renew your driver's licence, here's what to do.



Panel 1: Lori standing beside a male friend at the gym while he fills up bottle at water fountain
Lori: Ugh! Ben is off to Mexico with his new girlfriend and here I am worrying about paying rent next month.

Panel 2: Friend comforts Lori
Friend: That’s not fair, Lori! You gave up a good job 9 years ago to help him with his business and now you’re paying the price.

Panel 3: Close-up of Lori with her hands on her head
Lori: I know. It’s awful trying to restart a career – I lost all my seniority.

Panel 4: Lori on treadmill, friend standing next to treadmill
Lori: And, you know, my skills are out of date. I can’t believe I’m back to such a low salary.

Panel 5: Friend now on treadmill next to Lori
Friend: Why don’t you apply for spousal support?
Lori: But we never got married. We just lived together.

Panel 6:  
Friend: It doesn’t matter. The law says you shouldn’t be so stuck after breaking up. He has to help until you’re back on your feet.

Panel 7: Lori and friend holding yoga mats
Lori:   But how do you get support?
Friend: I’ve heard you try to work out an agreement yourselves or you can apply to court if you really have to.

Panel 8: Both rolling out yoga mats
Friend: There are guidelines about the amounts. You can get legal advice to make sure the amount is fair for you.

Panel 9:  Friend and Lori on mats doing yoga
Lori: What if he lies about his income?
Friend: That would be stupid! He has to tell you the truth or he could be in trouble – there may be penalties.

Panel 10:
Friend: Hey, then you can even afford to eat out sometimes!
Lori: You’re right! Maybe Mexican!