Protection orders

James learns how he can get help from the police or the courts after leaving an abusive partner.

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If you find yourself in this position, you can get help from these resources:

Family law protection orders
Explains what a family law protection order is, how to apply for one, and what happens once the protection order is in place.

For Your Protection
Explains the differences between going to the police for help or getting a family law protection order.

Safety in Relationships for Trans Folk
Describes relationship abuse, provides tips for staying safer, dispels common myths, and lists community resources.

Safety in Same-Gender Relationships
Describes relationship abuse, provides tips for staying safer, dispels common myths, and lists community resources.



Panel 1: James and his sister playing ping pong
Sis: I’m glad you’ve taken so many steps to stay safe after leaving him, James.

Panel 2: Close-up of James playing
James: I still worry every day that he’s looking for me, Sis.

Panel 3: Sister playing
Sis: Yes, that’s why the next step is to get some type of protection order that says he has to stay away from you. Or be charged.

Panel 4: Aerial view of the siblings playing
James: I know the advocate said that, but I just can’t do it. I’m so embarrassed about the abuse. I haven’t even come out to many people.

Panel 5: James with thought bubble of someone standing with hands on hips facing him
Sis: Everyone has the right to be safe, James. You’ve been in a really bad relationship – period.

Panel 6: Siblings playing ping pong
Sis: She said you could go to the police and tell them about the threats, right?

Panel 7: Close-up of James holding his hands to his face, looking worried
James: Can you imagine me telling a bunch of officers that I’m scared of my ex-boyfriend? How are they going to treat me?

Panel 8: Close-up of Sister
Sis: Their job is to treat you like a human being who needs their help. Everyone has the right to get help from the police to be safe.

Panel 9: Sister bouncing ping pong on her paddle, James standing next to her
Sis: There’s also that other option to get legal help to apply to court for a family law protection order.

Panel 10: Close-up of paddle and ping pong left on table
James: Yeah, but I don’t have any evidence of the violence.

Panel 11: Sister comforting James
Sis: James, your spoken word is good evidence. And you have lots to say, unfortunately.

Panel 12: Sister and James looking at her phone
Sis: Let’s learn more about which option may be best for your future safety. Then you can start thinking about the rest of your future.