Mediation can help

A mom learns about free professional mediation though the online Family Resolution Centre.

Liam's mom tells her friend that she got into a fight with her ex last night. The friend asks if it was about Liam.
Liam's mom explains they were fighting about where Liam will spend summer
The friend agrees it's tough. He and his ex had to decide where their kids live.
Liam's mom says every time she and her ex talk it turns into a fight and she's afraid they'll end up in court which she cannot afford
The friend says he used a mediator which helped he and his ex stay out of court
Liam's mom learns MyLaw BC services include a free professinaol mediator to help parents
Liam's mom learns she can get mediation online or over the phone, and her mediator helps her talk to her ex.
Liam is playing while his mom and her friend say she gets a parenting plan at the end that both she and the other parent can sign

If you need help to work out your parenting arrangements, you can get help from:

Family Resolution Centre

An online service from MyLawBC where a professional mediator can help parents work out parenting and child support arrangements that are in the best interest of their children, at no cost to them. 


Panel 1: Liam is running to play with other kids. His mom is talking to her friend.
Mom: Cameron and I got in another fight on the phone last night.
Friend: About Liam again?

Panel 2: Liam's mom is looking sad.
Mom: Yeah - where Liam's going to spend the summer now that we've split up.

Panel 3: Friend looking sympathetic.
Friend: That's tough. Me and my ex had to decide where the kids live.

Panel 4: Liam's mom sitting on a bench, looking down.
Mom: Every time we try to talk it turns into a fight. I'm afraid we'll end up in court and I can't afford it.

Panel 5: Liam's mom and her friend both on the bench, watching Liam play with the friend's kids.
Friend: We used a mediator. If we hadn't, I think we'd have ended up in court. They helped us figure out what was best for our kids.

Panel 6: Liam's mom and her friend talking.
Mom: A mediator? Was it expensive?
Friend: Free! MyLawBC offers a free professional mediator to help parents. It's part of Legal Aid BC.

Panel 7: Mom smiling at her friend, who is holding his daughter.
Mom: Sounds fantastic!
Friend: It was! You do it online or over the phone. Your mediator helps you talk to your ex.

Panel 8: Liam playing, his mom and her friend talking.
Friend: And you get a parenting plan at the end that both of you can sign.
Mom: Now all I have to do is keep Liam out of trouble this summer!