Make a will

A couple finds out it's free and easy to make a simple will with MyLawBC.

2 dads watch their baby play and talk about Henry who died without making a will. He was their age.
One Dad holds their daughter. The other says they haven't done their wills either.
The couple look at Ella in her crib and worry what will happen to her if they both die.
The couple hug. They want to leave everything to each other and their daughter.
The couple think they need a lawyer as it's technical, and expensive. They look online.
The couple go to MyLawBC website and find out it's free and there's also a video to help.
The couple look at MyLawBC and see they can use a guided pathway to make a will
The couple decide they can make their wills with MyLawBC

Make your own will

If you'd like to make a will, MyLawBC's Make a will pathway can help you make a simple will, and give you resources to help if your situation is more complicated. The website provides wills for single people, single parents, and for couples with or without children.


Panel 1: 2 dads are watching their young baby Ella play.
Dad 1: Did you know that Henry didn't have a will when he died?
Dad 2: Oh, man ... he was so young. Our age!

Panel 2: Dad 1 holding Ella: Poor Shelly has been dealing with that on top of everything else.
Dad 2: You know we've never done our wills either.

Panel 3: Both dads looking at Ella in her crib.
Dad 1: I don't like thinking about it, but with Ella new we really should.
Dad 2: Oh no, what would happen to her if we both die?

Panel 4: The dads hugging.
Dad 1: In a will, we can say who looks after her. And we need to figure out the rest of our stuff. I want you and Ella to get everything if I die.
Dad 2: I've heard of mirror wills, where we leave everything to each other.

Panel 5: Dad 2: But don't we need a lawyer? It's pretty technical, right? And expensive?
Dad 1: Hang on ... Let's look it up.

Panel 6: The dads looking at their laptop
Dad 1: Legal Aid BC has a website called MyLawBC, and it's free. Look, we answer questions and can make mirror wills. There's even a video.

Panel 7: The dads looking at their laptop.
Dad 2: Wow, it explains everything.
Dad 1: Yeah, there's something called a pathway that takes us through the whole process. It even shows how witnesses can sign remotely.

Panel 8: The dads hugging Ella, all smiling.
Dad 2: Cool! So it'll help us write our wills as our situation isn't complicated.
Dad 1: Yeah where there's a way, there's a will!