Help with court forms

A co-worker shows his friend how to find easier-to-use versions of Supreme Court forms online.


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If you find yourself in this position, you can get help from these resources:

Find a court form
Links to all the Provincial and Supreme Court forms used in the guides on this site, as well as links to completed sample forms.

Filling out court forms — Who can help
Lists the people and the organizations that can help you fill out court forms.

Common questions about the Supreme Court Word forms
Technical tips on how to use the online Word versions of the Supreme Court forms.

Common questions about the Supreme Court PDF forms
Technical tips on how to use the online PDF versions of the Supreme Court forms.



Panel 1: Office setting, man looking into another man's cubicle
Man 1: Are you spending your lunch hour on your computer again?

Panel 2: Man 2, face palming
Man 2: I finally figured out which Supreme Court form I need but now I’m trying to fill it out – even the first page is confusing.

Panel 3:
Man 2: It took me all this time to just get how to type in it. And it seems like there are a lot of parts missing!

Panel 4:
Man 1: Did you know there are easier Word versions of those online?

Panel 5: Man 2 motioning for Man 1 to sit in his chair
Man 2: Now you tell me! Where do you get them?

Panel 6: Man 1 sits down and they both look at the computer
Man 1: The Family Law in BC website has them. Look – here’s their version of that form.

Panel 7: Both men look at the Family Law in BC website
Man 2: Cool – it’s got instructions all over it.

Panel 8: Man 1 snaps fingers
Man 1: Yeah, those disappear when you print it out.

Panel 9: Close-up of Family Law in BC website
Man 1: Or you can click at the top here and see a PDF with even more detailed instructions about what to put into the form.

Panel 10: Man 1 counting items on his fingertips
Man 1: And if that’s not enough for you, they have tips and tricks, frequently asked questions with illustrations, and even examples!

Panel 11:
Man 2: What next? A comic strip?

Panel 12: Both men smiling
Man 1: Okay, too far, but at least you’re in a better mood!