Court of Appeal during COVID-19

COVID-19 Court of Appeal
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Service and filing deadlines

The usual timelines to file and serve materials apply for existing appeals and chambers applications.

People involved in a new chambers hearing must file and serve materials according to the usual timelines.

Time periods for starting an appeal stopped running on March 26, 2020 and remain suspended. This means you can wait to start an appeal without concern about the limitation period running out.

Timelines for taking a step required by court order (or as directed by the court) remain in effect but you may ask for an extension.


The Court of Appeal registry is open to the public.

The Court of Appeal is accepting filings in all matters. Please file electronically through Court Services Online if possible. Electronic filing through Court Services Online is optional for self-represented litigants in family appeals. Self-represented litigants can also file by fax, on paper, and by email in certain circumstances.

See the court's recent notice regarding e-filing directions. See also the court’s E-filing - Civil checklist and quick guides for help with e-filing documents.


The Court of Appeal is hearing all appeals, including those that aren't urgent. Appeal hearings will be held by video conference (Zoom) [November 9, 2020]. You can also request to have your appeal handled entirely in writing. You (and your lawyer if you have one) can say which you would prefer on the Court Proceedings Form.

Applications and registrar’s appointments

The Court is hearing all chambers applications, including those that aren't urgent, by teleconference (or in writing if requested).

Hearings with the Registrar will be held by videoconference, teleconference, or in writing.

Self-represented litigants

If you're a self-represented litigant, Access Pro-Bono has a dedicated appeals program. Contact Heather Wojcik at 604-424-8286.

You may also may contact the Canadian Bar Association BC Branch at for technical support with managing PDF Adobe or Zoom software.

For more information

For more information, see the Court of Appeal’s updated Notice to the Public, and this flowchart of the appeal process, which explains in more detail what has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Page last updated: Tuesday, November 18, 2020.

Get more help

For more information about the Court of Appeal during COVID-19, see the court's website.

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